Canterbury District Health Board Careers – Great people doing great things

At Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) all roles within the organisation can make a major difference to the people of Canterbury. From orderlies to office staff, hospital aides to managers, right through to anaesthetic technicians, the input of every staff member is crucial to our ability to offer excellent health care services. The sheer size of the CDHB means that there is a tremendous variety of opportunities ranging from management, information technology, laboratory, and various support roles around our hospitals and grounds.


Unlike many profit-driven organisations of a similar size, there is an ethos of ownership at CDHB. We demand a high standard of excellence from all our people, and equally important is the passion to do the very best for the patients in our care.


CDHB is very committed to training and development. Where a person needs further training, we work with them to ensure that they reach their full potential. If you’re looking for a challenging, ever-changing, exciting environment, look no further than CDHB.


CDHB career development

At the CDHB we believe that learning and development is intrinsically linked to the overall performance of the organisation. Therefore, it is our commitment to provide strong professional leadership and an environment which facilitates employee development.

Career development involves assisting individuals to develop and fulfil their potential over time and includes training and appropriate support.


We have a comprehensive staff development programme which has been designed to supplement the ongoing clinical skills training available to staff. People management and skills-based training and development for first level managers, supervisors and line staff is provided generically, or as required by specialty areas.


The CDHB has also has a Management & Leadership Training Programme for Managers of all levels of experience.


A Clinical Skills Unit is located on the Christchurch Hospital campus. The Unit provides a range of professional staff and team based training opportunities so employees can attain high standards of excellence in their performance of clinical tasks such as intravenous lines, suturing, and various examination techniques.


CDHB Medical & Dental SMO recruitment process

Below are the steps required to secure a position at CDHB.


Application > Interview > Background and health checks > Offer > Orientation


Job Application Process

All vacancies are advertised on our Careers Website, so please keep a regular check on the job search pages to ensure you are informed of opportunities as they arise.

Applications should be made online. Please see the checklist below to ensure you have the necessary documents on hand to complete your online application successfully.

You will receive an email response acknowledging receipt of your application within 24 hours.

If you have any problems uploading your application or do not receive an acknowledgement of your application, please contact:



Below is a checklist of documents required at the time of application.

  • An updated copy of your CV.
  • Have your current NZ practising certificate with you, as you will be required to enter the number on the electronic application form (originals would be requested at the time of interview).



Shortlisted candidates will be expected to come to the interview in person. Our interviews often include behavioural-based questions. During the interview you will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the role and the CDHB.


Your interview will be held by a panel containing at least two members including a line manager. In some cases you may be asked to attend more than one interview.


Background and Health Checks

Specific services or roles may require a police or security check to be performed prior to an offer of employment being made. If this is the case you will be notified before any checks are carried out.


For some roles you will also be asked to complete appropriate health checks and provide evidence of your immunisation status.


We will conduct reference checks with at least three verbal referees prior to an offer of employment being made. Please ensure that your referees are aware that we will contact them, and their contact details are correct and up to date.



If your application is successful, we will make a verbal offer, which will later be confirmed in writing.



Once you have commenced employment, orientation will play an essential part in getting your career off to a great start at the CDHB. The orientation programme is an opportunity for us to welcome you to the CDHB team as well as introduce you to the organisation and its values. You will learn more about your division and team and the policies and processes that apply to your department and role.





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