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Your pick of great New Zealand medical jobs 


Approximately 9,300 people make up the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), making us the largest employer in the South Island and one of the biggest providers of New Zealand medical jobs. 

We not only offer a variety of jobs in Christchurch, but also medical jobs in 14 South Island hospitals from Kaikoura in the north, to Ashburton to the south of the city.

That's a whole lot of opportunities.


Listen to Jenny talk about her experiences working with us and why she likes it.



The CDHB has overall responsibility for working within the funding allocated by Government, to improve, promote and protect the health and independence of all the people living in the Canterbury district.


We work hard to ensure our community has one of the best health systems in the world. We work in partnership with the community to decide what services are needed and how best to use the funding we receive.

Throughout Canterbury we provide acute and scheduled secondary and tertiary level surgical and medical services, women’s health services, mental health services, physical disability/mobility/rehabilitation services and a range of clinical support services. CDHB encompasses both rural, Ashburton and Community Health Services which undertake community focused activities in addition to secondary care services.

Working with us means working for an organisation committed to providing the best health care possible to the people of Canterbury. Opportunities exist for career development, and you will gain extensive experience in a fantastic variety of settings.


It's All about you


Working with us means you'll benefit from everything we have to offer. We have a great group of people, who are leaders in their chosen field. There are mentors and teachers. Then there's state-of-the-art technology, training rooms and theatres... and a fantastic range of cafés, dining rooms and outdoor areas for you to enjoy.




To help you enjoy your new home and it's surrounds, we have a great variety of benefits ranging from reduced memberships to fitness centres, discounts on rental cars, accommodation and travel to help you see more of our wonderful Island and much, much more!


We can promise that working with the CDHB will provide you with opportunities for career development and enhancement, and you’ll gain extensive experience in a variety of settings.

The people we work with come from incredibly diverse backgrounds – with representation at last count from around 50 different countries! They bring with them their passions and interests, and their backgrounds contribute to a rich culture at the CDHB. So, no matter where you come from, you’ll feel right at home.


Perhaps the best way to get a real feel for what it's like to live and work here is to find out what our people have to say. Check out the videos to hear what they have to say...




We're all about developing our people.


That means you can be assured we'll help you to live up to your potential, giving you support, access and training.


We have a comprehensive development programme which has been designed to supplement the ongoing clinical skills training available to staff. For those who aspire to take on a leadership role, we have a Management & Leadership Training Programme for all levels and experience.

A Clinical Skills Unit is located on the Christchurch Hospital campus. The Unit provides a range of professional staff & team-based training opportunities. Here, our people can attain high standards of excellence in their performance of clinical tasks and various examination techniques.









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