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Now is a

great time for

New Zealand medical jobs here, ...in  Christchurch, Canterbury and on the West Coast.

Christchurch -

Yes, The city has a few cracks


Our city took a bit of a beating with the recent earthquakes but it’s still a vibrant and appealing place to live. Great people are needed to help us rebuild and create a new world city with an exciting future. Junior Doctor jobs are available now in Christchurch hospitals. Are you up for this?

WE HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR JUNIOR DOCTORS. SHO, RMO, JMO, HOUSE OFFICER - whatever you are - It's not for everyone but it might be just what you're looking For!
Work with us ANYWHERE IN CANTERBURY AND WATCH YOUR CAREER AND LIFESTYLE TAKE OFF there are so many great reasons why you should come here and see what we have to offer.



Advance your career with a medical job in NZ







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